19th February 2018

What has been included?

Examples of images presented in the text, Touching The Void -Joe Simpson, are:

  • He talks about his finger tips being black, and him stating them to be “the only remaining evidence of my ordeal” giving us a clue to what has happened the day before.
  • The narrator uses the expression “voracious appetite”, voracious meaning eating great quantities of food, painting an image that the narrator had not, or was not able to eat the day before.
  • “The mountains held me in thrall” conveys an image of the author being held captive but the mountains, kept there by his curiosity.

Examples of language used in the text are:

  • The author says “he was quiet as he prepared breakfast” giving the idea of some tension between him and his friend.
  • “…bitter feelings” is another piece of language used that promotes the idea of a fight or argument between the narrator and his companion.

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